Pepe Cocolo

FR. Ecosystème de corps tissés avec des materiaux synthetiques

EN. It is a plastic ecosystem consisting of a sort of crocheted bodies made of plastic materials and sometimes interwoven with organic materials. This work can be organized and extended in space in many different ways and the visitors can play with them or even put some of them on, if they want to. It may look very nice on them! Pepe Cocolo is the name that Camila gave to this artwork. She imagined it as a sort of new breed of “biological species”and the process can be said natural though it used synthetic materials. Camila spent four years weaving these sort of sculptural organic forms that make this ecosystem. These sculptural pieces are all very different, going from the tiniest ones (a few centimeters) to the biggest ones (thirteen meters) According to Camila these forms are, as it were, the embodiment of her mind. This process is like the fluid flowing from her mind through the connection to a crochet needle to be turned into a new weaved material. So, this work is a manifestation of the natural process that generates her creations. In this way Pepe Cocolo arises as the formation of a new species of artwork that she conceives as a continuum of her natural condition of being a part of Nature. She sees this work as the way to evolve from the second dimension (the line) into the third dimension (the thread), which in turn will be made into a knitted volume, the whole of these volumes forming our new ecosystem. The latter will in turn become active by interacting with the visitors.