Meditation In SItu / Bogotá 2015

FR. Exposition Graphic Meditation /Montréal 2015, Galerie Salón Comunal, Bogotá 2015

EN. This exhibition was the continuation of the Artistic residency in Montreal -Springtime 2015- Camila proposed for this show a work in situ, a natural work arising and evolving in real time. During the whole exhibition she worked in the Gallery. Inspired by the garden outside the gallery, she thus drew a sort of creeping plant on the wall. The drawing was made directly on the sheets she had posted on the wall. She had not predetermined the direction it should take but she followed the direction dictated by the drawing itself as it reached one of the limits of the sheet, and that is where she would place another sheet. Another experience she had during the exhibition was in using a table she had designed for the purpose of experimenting with laboratory strips of glass. It consisted in placing the drawings on the table and making stand upright on them the strips of glass, so that the drawing would emerge as a sort of 3D sculpture. Finally, at the end of the exhibition, she took off, in an alphabetical order, all the letters of the text written by Sylvia Suarez about her work, and made each series of letters into a different ball: the ‘a’ ball, the ‘b’ ball, the ‘c’ ball etc. So, she had organized some workshops and talked about the research she had made during her artistic residency and the way she had conceived the exhibition as a working space open to visitors who thus had an opportunity to see a work in progress.