Graphic Meditation

FR. Pratique quotidienne de dessin.

Dessins en Stylo, pointe de 0.05-0.8 sur papier Glossy pour impression photo 10 x 15cm. Plus de 1500 dessins en 2015

EN. Daily drawing practice

Drawings with Rotring and ink on photographical paper glossy. Dimensions 10cm x 15cm

I started this practice in 2010 as I was trying to explain my creative process in my doctoral thesis entitled "DRAWING THE DRAWING MIND", I realized that I couldn’t write about the way I work. So drawing took over and became a sort of meditative practice.

it has evolved in an expanding way. It’s a sort of collection that grows every day, with the emergence of new drawings and changes ignited by the dialog with new contexts and atmospheres, becoming somewhat of a record of this new relationships. Each drawing is complete in its own unicity and at the same time is part of the universe of the drawings as a whole. The different forms and patterns these drawings take are like self-contained micro-phenomena as well as a type of sensorial writing notes on the universe as an unfinished whole. It shows a variation in the intensity and the density of my inner motions. So, in a co-determined way, the drawings of the Graphic Meditation are the recording of both something that happens within my inner self and the impact of the drawing activity on my inner activity. A sort of constant feedback between my inner self and my outer experience of being drawing. One of the main elements in this process is what happens between the ‘end’ of a drawing and the ‘beginning’ of the next one, as well as what happens within the drawings themselves. But what really maintains the practice alive is always the constant renewed possibility of recording new drawing «tracks and trails». In this drawing process we can recognize many references to the natural world. This work is at the same time minimalistic and very organic, due to the minimal gestures in which drawings araise and the spontaneous manifestations of my mind, understanding a mind as organic as Nature is. However my work does not represent the nature’s forms, the shapes and images only appear “naturally” as I let them flow through a particular process that I call a meditation. “My mind is organic too, isn’t it? ” There are 1650 drawings for this 2016 collection so far.