Graphic Meditation / Montréal 2015

Résidence d'artiste. Montréal 2015. Chaque jour: 1h de meditation, 5h de promenades en vélo et marche et 4h de dessin. Les dessins -méditations en noir- ont été envoyés au hasard à des habitants de Montréal. Ils ont été invités à venir avec leur dessin à la Galerie B312 pour recomposer l'ensemble de méditations en noir. Vidéo :

Graphic Meditation / Montreal 2015 Project of artistical residency in Montréal 2015. Two months on the Springtime. Awards by the Colombian Ministery of culture in exchange with the CALQ Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec.

This project was proposed as an exploration of the city by the daily practice of drawing entitled Graphic Meditation.

For this Residency Camila proposed for her daily work: 1-hour meditation, 5-hours of spontaneous biking and walking tours and a 4-hour drawing session. The production for the first month of work, consisted of 100 different drawings of a series called meditation in black ; she either sent them at random by postal mail or cycled to drop them into the letter-boxes of the houses Camila found attractive or interesting. In the envelopes she had put a chosen drawing and an invitation to come on the 10th June 2015 between 5 and 7 pm at the Gallery B312. They were asked to come with their drawings in order to reassemble the pieces from the series of black dots and spots disseminated all over Montreal city. She also invited those people to bring or send to her address in Paris something in exchange of the drawing. Therefore this kind of happening depended on the presence or the absence of the persons. Many of them did come on that day and when she came back home Camila discovered in her letterbox some letters, notes, little flags or drawings.

This experience was lived as a sort of 2-ways movement concerning her practice: spreading-rallying, inspiration-expiration, and dispersion-collection.

You can see the video of this work in process by clicking on the first image below.