ACUOSA / 14 gramos de carbón 2018


Solo exhibition at LA galeria, Bogota, Colombia

Aqueous speaks of the fluid quality of water and corresponds to the fluid state of the creative process. Aqueous gathers a series of works - drawing- installation. The main piece of the exhibition is a kind of ocean made with a bar of water-soluble carbon on 48 sheets of ultra- absorbent paper. this bar weighed 14 grams. At the moment when this bar was finished, the series of 48 drawings that together make up the ocean came to an end. This unlikely ratio between only 14 grams and the dimension of the set of drawings (7 mt x 2.50mt) gives the title to the exhibition. 14 grams is as well as a kind of soluble soul of the installation. Other series of drawings made with white ink (white constellations) and others mades in embossing on cotton paper make up the exhibition. The process of drawing with embossing paper mean that a new path of investigation is opened to explore the surface of the drawing. When we embossing it, the drawing results as an extraction of the own matter from which the surface is made -. in this case the cotton paper. Tables of light allow to see a slight transparency and translucence of the surface through the lines created by the embossing of the paper.